Private Equity

Our private equity platform features a wide range of industries unique to Korea and emerging markets in established and growth-oriented businesses, through which we help companies accurately assess their growth potential and alleviate financial distress. Our abundance of expert knowledge and top-notch managers combine to create incredible value through finding great companies and enhancing their performances by providing patient capital and operating support to strong management teams. Our effective investment strategies help our portfolio companies grow their core business lines, launch new initiatives, make transformative acquisitions, and upgrade technologies and systems to support their long-term strategies.

JW Asset Management is fully aware that our primary role in the market is more than merely providing capital. We must strengthen our portfolio companies through a bottom-up strategy of transformation. We strive to create and raise value by investing in optimal businesses where our capital, competitive strategies and advantages, strong relationships and operational support can tap and spur a company’s potential growth. In addition, the resulting improvements in growth and global competitiveness benefit not just our investors but also workers, communities and other stakeholders.