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Tasos Michael

Senior Consultant & Partner
Tasos Michael is a former lawyer (UK Solicitor) with extensive practical knowledge of aircraft acquisitions and financing. He has owned and run his own aircraft leasing platform (Inception Aviation Holdings Limited) since 2014 and raised over $450m in equity from Onex capital Partners. He has also helped advice clients on behalf of McKinsey and other advisory practises.
He was pivotal in establishing Lease Corporation International (LCI) (2003) and sourced/executed the majority of the fixed wing investments in the first two portfolios as Chief Investment Officer and Deputy CEO, achieving some of the highest returns in the industry at that time with IRRs as high as 80%.
Tasos Michael helped establish 4 airlines – Aerosweet/Aerosvit, EasyJet, Cronus Airlines (now part of Aegean Airlines) and Ambassador Airways.
His career spanning three decades began in aviation law in 1986 with Constant & Constant Solicitors (London). From 1993 to 1995, he held multiple titles including Commercial Advisor, Kawasaki Leasing Inc., where he helped with the disposal of more than $1 billion portfolio to ILFC and Indigo Aviation.
Tasos Michael has worked in multiple commercial roles in aircraft/airline investment, trading, finance and operations. He has closed more than $6 billion in transactions.