Our People

Investment Professionals

Saehanyel (Benjamin) Bang

Senior Vice President / Portfolio Manger
Mr. Bang is Senior Vice President as well as the Portfolio Manager
for the Investment Management Team II of JW Asset Management in Seoul.
He joined the company in 2018 as a founding member, responsible
for projects and management of portfolios across investment
activities involving global real assets activities focused on
aviation, maritime, rail, infrastructure and real estate as
well as overseas investment.
Before joining the company, Mr. Bang served as an investment
manager at the Investment Project and Management Division of
Kukje Maritime Investment and Korea Transportation Asset
Management in Seoul, responsible for the development of global
maritime and aircraft investment business as well as overall
portfolio management. Before that, he was a senior research
engineer at Korea Investment Consulting Firm, discovering
investment opportunities in the secondary market.
He began his career at Metlife.
Mr. Bang received his bachelor’s in finance and accounting
from Indiana University Bloomington in the U.S. He is a Certified Investment Manager (CIM).