Our People

Investment Professionals

Jaewon (Sam) Sin

 Assistant Portfolio Manager
Sam Sin is the Assistant Portfolio Manager
for the Investment Management Team II of JW Asset Management in Seoul.
He joined the company in 2019, responsible for assisting projects
and management of investment portfolios, particularly focused on aviation.
Prior to joining the company, he served as the Investment Manager
at Ulternative Investment Advisory, a boutique investment advisory firm,
focusing on block trades. His duties included managing cross-border
and local block trades, serving as a point of contact for institutional clients
and investors, and performing fundamental and technical analysis of hundreds
of companies, listed on KOSPI and KOSDAQ.
Prior to that, he also served as the Undergraduate Fixed Income Analyst
for the TMT sector team at Carlson Funds Enterprise, a $17.4 million fixed income fund,
coordinated by Carlson School of Management. His duties included building financial models
to perform credit profile and fundamental analysis, managing fixed income portfolio, and etcs.
Sam Sin received his bachelor’s in Finance from University of Minnesota,
Twin Cities – Carlson School of Management in the U.S.
He is a Certified Investment Manager (CIM).